Our play

Staff use what they know about the children to plan interesting and stimulating activities that are rooted in their interests. For example, during role play they pretend to be vets in response to children’s interest in animals. Staff extend children’s learning. They provide x-ray pictures and encourage children to guess which animal the x-ray relates to. Children readily count the legs on the animals to give them clues and look at the overall shape.  Ofsted 2018



We have long held the belief that if a child can truly experience the joy of gaining knowledge, acquiring a new skill, or can feel a sense of self pride having been praised in their achievements, then a seed has been planted for the future, and education and learning will become something to enjoy, rather than endure.



We present all activities with a strong emphasis on having fun. All achievements, however insignificant they may seem, are praised and celebrated.



We responsively plan to your children’s requests,  including activities to further their development.