Views of Parents

Testimonials from parents demonstrate the high regard they have for the staff, describing them as ‘friendly, approachable and caring’.
Ofsted, 2018

Kathy Oakley

My son used to go to stepping stones he loved it there and Anna Craig and Elizabeth are brilliant with the children 😀

Karen Gothard

My son spoke very little English when he started at Stepping Stones. Anna was fantastic with him and he very quickly settled in. I’m really pleased he had such a wonderful start to his school days… such a wonderful Pre school…. thanks to you both xxx

Emma Cleveley

If I were still under 5yrs old, this is where I would want to spend my preschool years! I sent all 3 of my children here and they all have such fond memories. They moved on to primary school well prepared and confident. Staff communicate well with families, are very approachable and knowledgeable, being the first to pick up and support us with speech and hearing difficulties in 2 of my children. Always a warm welcome, lots of great activities and I loved how much they make the most of accessing the adjacent school “secret garden” and nearby meadow to maximise outdoor learning opportunities. It felt like visiting an extended family rather than dropping them off at childcare and I am delighted we chose Bramfield Stepping Stones Preschool to be such a big part of our children’s early years and shape their development in such a positive way.

Damon Whitmore

Stepping Stones is a lovely pre-school. All staff treat the kids amazingly, they know every child’s needs and abilities. After having two children there I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I can’t complement the school enough for all what they do for the kids just a lovely school.

Coral Moore

Fantastic Preschool! When my daughter turned 2, I scanned the area and visited all possible preschool/Nursery environments, I finally settled on Stepping Stones Preschool. They were the only preschool to allow me to spend half a day with my daughter in the environment other than the usual 10 minute show around. It was lovely to have the opportunity to check how she would settle into a different place and interact with other children. She had never been in anyone else’s care except mum and dad’s so this to a first time parent was overwhelming. Anna and Craig completely understood and at no point did we feel silly for perhaps being too overprotective. Overtime our daughter has settled in superbly and thrives, she loves preschool and enjoys all the activities, both inside and outside. She’s always so excited to show everyone the things she’s made whether it be drawings, cooking, sculptures etc and tell them about her day. She’s happy and looks forward to preschool weekly. The preschool has a wonderful mix of educational, structured, cultural and fun activities. Each child has a key worker which is personalised to whom they feel more comfortable with, and activities they do and achievements are recorded on their personal plant pot displays and learning journal. When deciding where to take her, I decided that this preschool would be somewhere I would have wanted to go at that age and reminded me more of how I remember my days as a child. As a parent you can be at ease knowing it is safe, wonderfully clean in comparison to some others I visited and fantastically run. It has new exciting activities each day and has access to its own garden, the ‘secret garden’ and the local castle meadow as well as being part of the community. The preschool also has close connections to the Bramfield Primary school and they sometimes participate in fun activities together such as a fun Easter hunt, allowing a little introduction to the primary school environment. Breakfast club is available to participate in at the primary school if needed and children have access to the primary schools cooked lunches for a small fee. Parents are encouraged but not essential, to visit activities run by the preschool at special holiday times, such as family fun days, Christmas parties etc. Lastly Anna and Craig are two of the most hard working, nurturing and kind people I have ever met. Both have a lifetime of experience and clearly love what they do, and it is really refreshing to have a mix of females and male supervisors. My Daughter is so fond of them along with Elizabeth, their assistant who has such a welcoming calm nature, instantly putting the children at ease. They really have dedicated their lives to making the preschool a brilliant success. I’m actually dreading the thought of my daughter leaving them this year making her route into school, however delighted I will not be in any doubt where to place my son in the years to come. 100% Recommend!


Rebecca Hitcham

When I went looking for a smaller, more personal preschool with a family feel to it for my son, I viewed Bramfield Stepping Stones and knew it was the right place for him! Not too overwhelming, with staff who were attentive to all the children. There were plenty of activities and learning opportunities to see within the setting and I was especially pleased to hear the amount of outdoor time the children have, both in the garden at pre school and also nature walks to a local meadow. As a working parent having the breakfast and after school care was essential and this was also available. My son attended from 2 and a half until he was ready to start school, the preschool helped him to develop social skills with the other children and also helped him with his speech and language, aswell as many other educational aspects. The communication from the school was excellent! I always knew what he’d achieved, what he’d eaten and what his next steps were. I never had any concerns and he was very happy everyday that he attended. Overall, great pre-school, great staff, great communication, great opportunities.